Can’t Type Worth a Hoot

This is a bit of a setup piece.  Back in the summer of 1959 I took a typing course at the local high school.  One of the first things the teacher said was “don’t look at the keyboard”.  So of course (see previous post) I did — and have been looking ever since.  And so my typing skills are (speaking charitably) challenged.

Over the years I have explored a variety of ways to mitigate this deficiency.  I have used transcription services, tablet PC’s, voice recognition software, handwriting recognition devices – none of these have been particularly successful (the transcription approach was the best of these, but it doesn’t do too well in our internetted age – in fact it’s even hard to find one still in business).

It would be great if there was a cap I could put on that would turn my thoughts into text .  But until that fine day arrives, I’ll need some other approach.  Things have changed since I last looked at this so I am going to revisit handwriting recognition in Vista and Windows 7 (on tablet PC’s and using the latest generation of digital pens).  Also reviews of the latest version of Dragon Dictate have been pretty positive so I’ll be taking a look at that as well.  If I’m going to blog with any frequency, I’m gonna need something…..

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